soft surface

digital journal, residency, and bookshop


soft surface was a poetry journal and digital residency from 2019-2021. thank you for your support.

Anita Spaeth
summer 2019

Anita Spaeth (she/her) is a multimedia artist, poet, and educator living in Portland, OR. Through a cut-up method of poetry, extracting words and lines from old books and pages, Anita currently has a lens on Western narratives of love and desire. She enjoys avid reading on themes of feminism, romanticism, and current U.S. politics in an effort to understand pervasive and toxic gender norms in romantic or erotic couplings. On the side, she is passionate about environmental stewardship opportunities for youth, and has been matriculated into the University of Washington master’s program for Education for Environment and Community. Anita has shown work in Portland at the Pacific Northwest College of Art and Indivisible, performed as part of musical duo Mad Aura for T.B.A Fest and S.I.X., and presented work for Pure Surface. Anita was a PICA Precipice Grant recipient, funded by the Andy Warhol Foundation, along with several others, for an outdoor sound performance in Portland’s Cathedral park in 2015. She is a 2018 BFA graduate in Intermedia from PNCA. Pisces Sun/Sagittarius Moon/Gemini Rising.

statement on i don't even know why im here:

Through dating apps, a new connection is set in motion, eager to be fulfilled, or resolved, through meeting and going forward, with intent to see one another again, or not.
Through weekly installments of work, this residency opens up space to ruminate on real-time communicative and emotive non-concordance between individuals, generated by promised expediency and efficiency integral to the general dating app format. So many unspoken or unacknowledged expectations to stumble over, or get hung up on. Through these apps, familiar words become imbued with new meaning or intent, skewing  universal understandings of intent and impact: ghost, respond, message, swipe left or right.
In search of companionship, we sail on a personal mode and pace of communication, mediated and informed by the mode and pace of our communication devices. Add another being into that search and things start to get a little turbid.


I enter my info as requested:

This pond is tempered with familiarity
(remember ASL?)
Cold and Hot with urgency.
And I am altered
When the faces begin.