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soft surface publishes poetry and contemporary art projects by women, LGBTQIA, gnc folks, BIPOC, and/or otherwise marginalized voices. accepted contributors are paid. submissions are always open.

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This is the part that lasts the longest i think:

We send a few messages back and forth.
Sometimes they are so casual, easy,
And sometimes strained
Taking days
And days.
Since when did days
Feel like weeks?
I know-
When the urgency of the medium
Is disrupted by the reality
Of two separate selves
Attempting cohesion-

This is when I make the call

That we either get together now,
While I know my urges are pulsating,
Or I’ll burn out as soon as i’m lit.

So fickle.

A cusp millennial,
Navigating my own
Childhood disinterest in technology,
With that of force-fed assimilation into
A hyperspeed communicative norm
That my particular neurological configuration
Keep up with.

What I’m trying to make clear here
it’s now or never baby