soft surface

digital journal, residency, and bookshop


soft surface publishes poetry and contemporary art projects by women, LGBTQIA, gnc folks, BIPOC, and/or otherwise marginalized voices. accepted contributors are paid. submissions are always open.

to submit work or request information on a digital residency, email me here.

previous issues and residency works are stored here.

issue 1: spring equinox 2019
issue 2: summer solstice 2019
issue 3: fall equinox 2019
issue 4: winter solstice 2019
issue 5: spring equinox 2020
**summer solstice 2020: hiatus for visioning**
issue 6: fall equinox 2020

resident 1: jac nelson
resident 2: anita spaeth
resident 3: justine highsmith
resident 4: natalie jane edson (starting 11/1/20)