soft surface

digital journal, residency, and bookshop


soft surface was a poetry journal and digital residency from 2019-2021. thank you for your support.

Jac Nelson

spring 2019

Jac Nelson is a multimedia poet living between the ancestral lands of the Nisqually people (at Puget Sound) and of the Očeti Šakówiŋ (at the Minnesota River.) Their work begins with art and artist as ethical questions that emerge from inherited context: ancestry, language, land, trauma, coercion, and decision activate their aesthetic search for multigenerational healing and connection. Jac continues to learn about, engage with, and resist the ways they benefit from white supremacy originating in genocide, slavery, and other violences. Recent work is showing through May 9 at Gay City in Seattle, and was published in Black Warrior Review, Fanzine, Blackbox Manifold, Otoliths, and Old Pal.

on E A R T H:

I wanted a clearer understanding of what it is I mean when I say the word earth. Working in a form that I invented—a form I call provisionally, “compression poem” or maybe simply“poemform”—I wrote a poem titled “E A R T H” every day for 30 days, attempting not to control for theme or narrative, not to control for unity. Themes, of course, emerged: the body, sex, anal sex in particular, gender and queerness, change and the changethreat, feelingsensation, insideoutside, intimacy, shame, separation, perception, received (coerced) norms and messages, waters. The result is a single long sequence poem titled E A R T H, which you have here, along with my videos.

E A R T H will be presented in weekly installments over the course of the residency.

part one
part two
part three
part four
part five