soft surface

digital journal, residency, and bookshop


soft surface was a poetry journal and digital residency from 2019-2021. thank you for your support.

Justine Highsmith
fall 2019

About Justine Highsmith:

she is the bodily being 
a prototype for objects 
that scream in broad daylight
a vast ceiling of gray water 
untie the ocean and feel 
her wall pressing on every side.

residency statement:

"SLEEP FROM DREAMS" is a sapphic verse poetic dialogue with Hypnos/Sleep and Oneiros/Dream. In this text, they discuss the power dynamics of desire, love, and pleasure while floating down a river (the blue page) between states of consciousness. Is one desire more important than another? Can we experience pleasure without a means to an end? The physical line that separates them erodes from this paradox of (dis)satisfaction drawing near, nearer, now.

part one
part two
part three
part four