soft surface

digital journal, residency, and bookshop


soft surface was a poetry journal and digital residency from 2019-2021. thank you for your support.

Natalie Jane Edson
fall 2020

Natalie Jane Edson is a queer poet and computer programmer based in Portland, Oregon. Her artistic practice centers around process—a mix of algorithm, iteration, divination and letting the subconscious mind speak for itself. She published a chapbook, BALACLAVA, in June 2019 and is currently working on her debut full-length manuscript. You can check out her work at

Here is Natalie’s artist statement: 

"Volta" is an experimental art project and sonnet series that seeks to disrupt the strict rhetorical structure of the traditional sonnet through a process of digitally facilitated randomization. Given our current political landscape, I have been preoccupied with writing a poetry that breaks its own rules and reflects the ongoing disintegrations we are experiencing as a country. I'm choosing to write in an unfamiliar and difficult form to enforce uncertainty as I embrace the act of inquiry and ask: What happens when the conclusion is foregone? Can these fourteen lines become a lyric experience of the aftermath? What happens when we refuse resolution? What is my duty as a poet to document this violent reality?

And here’s our interview with Natalie.