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soft surface publishes poetry and contemporary art projects by women, LGBTQIA, gnc folks, BIPOC, and/or otherwise marginalized voices. accepted contributors are paid. submissions are always open.

to submit work or request information on a digital residency, email me here.

soft surface primarily publishes work by women, LGBTQIA, gnc folks, BIPOC, and/or otherwise marginalized voices. submissions are always open, but please don’t submit more than once every 6 months.  send all queries and submissions to

simultaneous submissions accepted. please be in touch if your work is accepted elsewhere. soft surface does not accept previously published work in any capacity. all accepted contributors are paid $10. funding is generated through sales at the used bookshop. soft surface has first publishing rights, after which rights return to the writer/artist.  if your work is reprinted in the future, please acknowledge first publication in soft surface.

journal submissions:
poetry - send 2-5 unpublished poems in a single .pdf. each poem should be on a separate page. please no poems exceeding 2 pages.

visual art - send up to 5 high-quality images. links to short films, sound art, etc. are encouraged.

when submitting, include your pronouns, a short third-person bio, and any relevant links - whatever you’d like published alongside your work, if accepted.

residency requests:
to be considered for digital residency, include the above as well as a detailed description of what you’d like to publish on the site during the residency. if this work is finished, please include it; if it is in-progress, send a description and some sample work.  please don’t apply for residency if you have already been a resident or if you have had work published in soft surface in the last 6 months.

poem letter submissions:
to be considered for publication in the monthly newsletter, please send just one poem in a single .pdf, along with the other details about yourself as listed under “journal submissions.” 

general inquiries:
always interested in collaboration opportunities, or whatever questions you have.
soft surface was founded in 2019 by lindsay costello.

social media:
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